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SOSORT Paper and Poster Award Guidelines


What is the SOSORT Best Paper Award?

Continuing the tradition started at the 2008 meeting in Athens, the SOSORT Paper Award is presented to the two best eligible research papers presented during the Annual meeting. In recognition of this accomplishment, SOSORT will pay the article processing fees for open access publication.


Eligibility Requirements

  1. One of the authors must be able to attend and present the research during the SOSORT Annual Meeting.
  2. Appropriate human subjects’ research approval (or waiver) must have been obtained and documented.
  3. The paper must not have been published or accepted for publication prior to the meeting.
  4. The paper must represent original work, offering findings which are substantially different than previously presented or published work. Longer-term follow-ups of an established cohort are acceptable, if the follow-up addresses a different research question than in the earlier period.
  5. All authors must agree in advance, that if presented with an Award, they will submit the manuscript for open access publication in an open access or hybrid journal. SOSORT will reimburse the authors for open access publication fees (maximum £1565.00/$2450.00/€1995.00 plus VAT or local taxes as applicable).


Process for Selecting the SOSORT Paper Award Winners

  1. The Scientific Committee reviews the eligible abstracts and the top 10 are selected for a second review by the SOSORT Award Committee.
  2. The authors of the selected abstracts will then submit a full manuscript with tables and references. A full manuscript will not only provide the Award Committee the detail necessary for making the decision, but will also promote timely submission to a journal after the Awards are announced.
  3. The SOSORT Award Committee is comprised of members of the Scientific Committee and the SOSORT Advisory Committee. The Scientific chair will ensure that no member has a conflict of interest (e.g. authorship or institutional affiliation) with any of the papers under review.
  4. All Award candidates will present their papers during a dedicated session at the Annual meeting.
  5. Conference participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the selection process by scoring the presentations during the Award sessions. Participant and Committee scores will both be taken into consideration by the Award Committee as it makes the final selections.

Review Criteria

Submissions will be rated based on the strength of the manuscript and presentation in the following areas:

            Importance of the research question

            Credibility of the methodology and statistical analysis

            Contribution of findings to existing knowledge

Quality of podium presentation


SOSORT Poster Awards – New in 2019!

Every year, valuable research and clinical knowledge are shared during the SOSORT Poster sessions. In order to recognize this work, we announce the first-ever SOSORT Poster Awards. All posters will be automatically eligible for consideration.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to vote on their top choices. Their reviews will be added to those of the Scientific Committee and the top 2 posters will be selected.


The 2019 SOSORT Paper and Poster Award winners will be announced on the last day of the meeting.




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