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Mentor: Jean Claude de Mauroy (France)

Chair: Andrea Lebel ( Canada)

Co-chairs: Prachi Bakarania, Kelly Grimes (USA)

Newletter: Mariette Kosse ( Netherlands) 

Writers: Jason Black, Prachi Bakarania, Kelly Grimes (UK, USA)

Social Media: Kelly Grimes, Andrea Lebel

Linkedin: Larry Cohen (Australia)

Research Gate: Patrick Knott (USA)

Translation team:

Nikos Karavidas (Greek), Pamela Espinoza (Spanish), Patricia Mentges (Portuguese), Pavel Cerny (Czech), Jean Claude de Mauroy (French), Michele Romano (Italian), Wojciech Glinkowski (Polish)

Coordinator: Secretary of SOSORT


  • Introducing members of the Communication Committee

I would like to introduce you all to one and other, and talk about our plans for the rest of this year: 

Andrea Lebel- Chair of Communication Committee and now I am also the Secretary position on the SOSORT Board. For this reason I have asked many of you in the past year if you have an interest in becoming a co-chair or chair in the future and I am glad that Kelly and Prachi offered to help and fill these positions in 2019. Jason and Mariette were both very busy and at this time they both indicated that they are happy to continue with the same responsibilities but not much more. There is so much happening as SOSORT is growing that we need everyone’s help to stay on the top. 

Jean Claude De Mauroy - Founder and Past president of SOSORT and past Chair of Communication, we still need him, and he is still our mentor and webmaster. 

Our very new member Patrick Knott -  ( writer) He is past president of SOSORT and now on the advisory board. When he was the president we started a new approach to reach out to international organization and try to partner with them to raise awareness of SOSORT and to the work we do. I would like to revitalize this program and I hope Patrick will be able to guide us how to do this.

Prachi Bakarania- (writer) She  will be our guiding light in the huge efforts in getting ready for the new website. At this point we are asking all committees to submit their dreams and what they would like post on the new website, requests were sent out and Prachi opened a Google document to monitor and list all the incoming information.

Kelly Grimes- (writer) Kelly is a great communicator and managed all the interviews with the keynote speakers this year. She will be also helping with social media  ( FB, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn) and upcoming newsletters. 

Mariette Kosse- She has been the editor of all newsletters,  for close to 3000 colleagues 4-5x a year. She will need help from all of our writers to submit important information to share.  

Jason Black- (writer-editor) Jason is checking everything we publish in the newsletter and he helps with writing as well. 

Additional members: I need to mention the big team of translator volunteers who did work on the old website and now they are waiting for the new one to work on. We did manage to have 6-7 languages on the old website as an option. 

Our current tasks are the followings: Continue to build communication among members between conferences and to help SOSORT grow. 

Last 3 years, the  goal was to connect members between the conferences and help to build a society which is active all year around. Since we have established regular newsletters and became active on social media members are more connected and know each other better.  ( Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn group is now we opened to all members) .

It seems to work, we have great interactions on social media and now the average engagement  per posts is 50 or more on Facebook. Some posts are able to engage over 100 colleagues. Publications are also posted regularly and very well received with many “likes” and shares and seen by thousands of our colleagues. 

SOSORT to build partnerships with similar organizations! SRS-SOSORT webinars are woking well. Joe O’Brien has been great help.  We plan to continue 1-2x a year with the patient education project. I would like to see similar work with European Spine and other organizations.  We will need to approach all dual members of SOSORT  and ask them to reach out to their other organizations and find out how can we have similar projects like we have with SRS. If anyone can volunteer to lead this effort please let me know. 

Next huge task is for us to assist the SOSORT board to build a very stable and interactive website which can be managed by one of you. Unfortunately my ability to manage the current website is very poor and we can not always trouble Jean Claude with every change we need, for that reason I have asked the board to invest in a simple website which is safe and easy to manage. The Board is at the final steps to decide who will be the website builder, in the mean time the board asked us to collect all the information we need to pass on to the new website builder. 

Our biggest task to collect the SOSORT history from the old site and make sure we don’t loose anything important. Jean Claude updated the past conference list and I am we will need more information collected from the “back pages’ of the current site. 

I am happy to make the memory video this year and if anyone would like to take over this fun task let me know.

• Aim of the Committee
Updating the SOSORT web page and posting all the relevant documents suggested or approved by the Board or the General Assembly.
Advertising promptly SOSORT meetings, courses, fellowships etc.
Posting the society’s Newsletter on the web page.
Collecting information of SOSORT members, regarding professional activities and special interests in conservative treatment of spinal deformities as well as their contact details and posting them on the web page after obtaining their consent.

• People needed (maximum and minimum), and eventual roles
Chair 1-2 components

• How to work together
By email, and through a Committee Meeting during SOSORT Meeting.

• Action to be performed
Select all the new contents of the web page after approval of the Board. Organize the new contents of the web page in hierarchical order.

• Timing of these actions
Two to three months to collect all available documents.

• First aims to be reached, and time required
Communication with the administrators who maintain the web page. Investigate if it is possible for the members of the committee to interact with the contents of the Web page.

Last news from the Committee

The domain name "SOSORT.ORG" belongs to Medtronic Poland and our President Tomasz Kotwicki is working so that the SOSORT will be the official owner.
These steps are long and complex. Initially the Web-site was a platform for prospective studies of the conservative treatment.
In the meantime, we pursued our efforts in two directions.
1 - Creation of a web-site ( dedicated to mobile phones (Iphone, blackberry...)
2 - Conversion of the old web-site ( in archives of the Lyon meeting with videos on-line. We use the mp3 recordings and powerpoints.
As soon as possible we shall group together all the information on the same web-site (

"It is essential to maintain the original SOSORT.ORG url for our website. Changing the domain name becomes very confusing and seriously diminishes the opportunity to grow through progressive awareness and links etc. This is not a good website strategy." Joe O'Brien

This web-site will serve as support for the annual meetings.
"With regard to the Annual Meeting, the first and easiest way to establish the SOSORT standards and branding is to make this a fixed part of our website. No matter who the local host is, we can use the same website resources for registration, abstract submission and evaluation, program description, email distribution etc. If we manage the Annual Meeting through the SOSORT website then it is easier for the local host, provides a consistent message and process for the attendees, and establishes standard controllable quality and branding for our organization." Joe O'Brien

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